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     In July 011, Chongqing Silian Optoelectronic & Technology Co. Ltd. was rated as high-tech enterprises. As of 2015 April, Silian Optoelectronic & Technology Co. Ltd. has been accepting applications for the 147 national patents, 2 software registration. Among them, 36 patent applications design patent, utility model patents 73, 38 inventions. Has been authorized patents 109, of which 72 practical new, 30 design patents, 105 patent certificates. Make the innovation results effective protection.

     The company currently has a high-quality core research and development team composed of over a hundred professional engineering and technical personnel. Silian consists of four professional LED research, R & D personnel covering materials, semiconductor, optical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, electronic technology, automation control, software, and other disciplines and R & D team knowledge structure covering the LED products in various professional fields, forming a first-class LED product design and development personnel, technological innovation capability of enterprises are a strong guarantee.

     The company has formed a sapphire crystal and substrate, LED device packaging, functional lighting applications, large screen display four series of products. Vibration produced by our company sapphire substrate wafer, SMD 3528RGB, SMD 020, high power LED street lamp, LED explosion of the lamp, the LED indicating lamp six products by Chongqing Science and Technology Commission, identified as high-tech products. High quality large size sapphire crystal and the substrate, a kind of mine used LED across the explosion of the lamp, LED track traffic direction indicating device, modular high-power LED street lamp four products was rated as key new products of Chongqing.